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I am strongly considering changing my username, because quite simply I was sick of "RocketJess" ages and ages ago but I had no idea what to change it to. Finally I have an idea, and I'm liking it more and more.

The thing is, I like using my own name (ie. Jess) but it's fairly indistinctive AND it's likely to be taken when I try to sign up for forum accounts. So I had the idea of looking up name origins. The name "Jessica" was first used by Shakespeare, though it probably originated with the biblical name "Iscah" which means "God is looking" or possibly "God's grace" (the exact translation varies on every site I looked at)... either way I think that's awesome, and I'd love to use it.

...on the downside, it seems so be taken on larger sites already. And trying to rename accounts everywhere would be a pain.

I'll keep on thinking about it....
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