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Geeky things that are awesome at current

1. AVATAR. Just got the prequel manga; the artbook is on its way; five weeks 'til the movie comes out at last! (Though the Australian release date isn't until SEPTEMBER. Evidently they're waiting for the next school holidays, but still totally unfair...)

2. Have been reading "The Wildkin's Curse" by Kate Forsyth, sequel to "The Starthorn Tree"... I have been waiting YEARS for this book to come out!

3. Imminent end of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga - last month was the climax, and next month will be THE END. I can't wait!

4. ICO and Shadow are getting a PS3 update! Should be very pretty. Still hanging on to my PS2 versions though.

5. A Boy and his Blob is the adorable-est videogame EVER. I don't have a Wii, so I've been playing it at my grandparents' house... will have to go over and play more soon!
Tags: avatar, fma, games, ico, manga, movies, squee
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