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So, the Avatar movie is out in America, and by the vast majority of reports it is TERRIBLE but the effects were decent... actually nobody can seem to agree whether the effects were good or bad, or whether certain individuals' acting was good or bad. But the script is pretty universally bad, and it was too rushed. I'll still go see it once it comes out over here, but I've lost all enthusiasm to want to watch it on the Internet beforehand...

I guess I expected from the start that it was probably going to be dreadful, but then all the trailers looked awesome and it got my hopes up. Oh well, at least it's still going to be a very PRETTY bad movie. The sets and costumes all look really well done, and the music should be great too. Beyond that... I'll judge it when I see it.


Just watched Doctor Who from last Sunday - "The Pandorica Opens". (Possibly AKA "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies".) And, having missed the second half of the Silurian two-parter and not bothered to look for a summary at the time, I'm finally no longer confused as to why Rory had apparently, er, vanished into thin air over the last couple of episodes...


Also, Fullmetal Alchemist is OVER. Yay for happy endings! And Al being back to normal! And everyone being safe! (A little too neat, perhaps, but at the same time I'd be sad if it hadn't been.) And Ed and Winry's adorably awkward proposal at the end! *SQUEE*

One of the things I really like about FmA is how much it's about the relationships between the characters, and how important they are - and ultimately this is the conclusion of the series, and the 'law' that overrules equivalent exchange: we are more than the sum of our parts.

I have to say, I wasn't as excited by the ending as I could have been - mainly due to the fact that most of the climax was over already, and it had been a month since I'd read it. (By comparison, Avatar went from build-up to climax to happy ending within two hours, and I was HYPER by the end of it.) But in place of excitement, there's lots of warm fuzzy feelings. ^_^
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