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AVCon... or not.

I'm thinking I might not go to AVCon. I was sort of thinking it a while ago but then I ended up in a cosplay group which is now not happening (not that I'd gotten past the "barely started" stage of my costume anyway - my sewing room is a disaster zone and I'm struggling to get it into a working state)... plus I haven't got flights/accomodation/etc organised and I'm not feeling very enthusiastic about it.

So overall I'm thinking I'll skip AVCon and focus on Manifest. Also that means I can take the Friday off and go to all three days of Manifest - if I'm going to AVCon I'd need to take that Friday off, and Fridays are busy days at the library because the head librarian doesn't work on Fridays. So I wasn't wanting to leave them minus two staff members twice in a month, so I thought I wouldn't take a day off for Manifest.

Okay, so I don't think it's so much "might not go" as "not going".

And I am currently too tired to think of a coherent way of concluding this post, so I am stopping here. Goodnight.
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