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Avatar movie / Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday me and Kristy headed to the cinemas for a movie marathon! Well, two movies. Plus dinner. We were there for six hours anyway.


So I finally got to see Avatar: The Last Airbender, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn't the utterly excruciating mess all the reviews had made it out to be. (I do wonder how I'd feel about it if I hadn't gone in expecting it to be terrrible, though...)

That said, they rushed through so much plot, and yet wasted time on irrelevant bits. Lengthy explanation of the spirit world - why? It's not important and we don't even see it.
As for the "Earthbender prison camp" sequence... if your budget won't let you do something without illogical setting downgrades, DON'T DO IT.

Also, what was with the text-scroll opening? Really weird choice. Personally I was hoping for something to the effect of an animated scroll - kind of like Okami's artstyle - telling the legend. Shyamalan even did something similar in Lady in the Water. It would have been brilliant.

Though what really disappointed me was the climax. NEEDS MORE EPIC ANGRY OCEAN SPIRIT. DON'T TELL ME HE GOT CUT BECAUSE YOU BLEW ALL HIS BUDGET ON BAD 3D CONVERSION INSTEAD. And of course lack of angry Ocean Spirit means lack of angry Ocean Spirit killing Zhao, so that was SERIOUSLY messed up. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Plus it meant Zuko missed prettymuch his only "good guy" moment in the whole film, and it made Iroh look like a jerk. "See you later Zhao, good luck with those random waterbenders out to kill you."

On the other hand, Yue's death scene was very pretty. I liked the detail of her hair turning dark once the Moon Spirit left her.

I know I've been mostly complaining, but there were little details that I really liked, and of course the scenery and costumes were amazing, and overall I left the cinema in a positive mood. I wouldn't choose to watch it again, but I wouldn't mind watching it again.


The other movie was Beauty and the Beast IN 3D. It was AMAZING and I highly recommend it. Scenic parts like the opening sequence are absolutely stunning, as is the ballroom scene.

I know the movie prettymuch off by heart, since it was one of the videos we watched over and over and over when we were little, so it was really interesting to see it properly in the cinema - with the bigger screen, and the picture not cut down to 4:3 ratio like the video version, there were so many details I'd never noticed before.

I'm really glad I found out the movie was showing - there was an ad in the movies section of the newspaper, which I normally never look at, and I haven't seen it advertised anywhere else!

Anyway, I had a great night out. ^_^ Thanks for sharing it, Kristy!
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