Jess's Journal

The erratic diary of an otaku-cosplayer-gamer-Christian-bookworm library tech

6 August 1986
Hi! My name's Jess, I'm 20-something years old, working as a library technician (and also in charge of AV, which basically involves plugging things in and switching things on). I'm also a committed member of the Salvation Army church, and help with multimedia and other stuff there a lot.

I'm a total anime nut - my favourites include Fullmetal Alchemist, Haibane Renmei, Slayers, Pokémon, Night on the Galactic Railroad (more people need to watch this movie!), Studio Ghibli films... a big range of stuff. And Avatar, which isn't technically anime but is just as good. I also like video games, mostly RPGs - favourites include ICO (best game ever), Golden Sun, Grandia II, Kingdom Hearts and Atelier Iris. And I like old DOS games. ^_^;

I cosplay whenever the opportunity comes up (unfortunately not that often in Australia...) and usually construct my costumes in a last-minute frenzy. (Sleep? Who needs sleep just prior to spending a weekend at a convention?)
Needless to say, I also have a bad tendency to have a mental crash after conventions.

I love to read too, especially fantasy novels. My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland.

I also have an interest in astronomy - unfortunately I still haven't figured out how to aim a telescope properly. (And my telescope is so wobbly that in the time it takes me to say "wow, I actually found Jupiter!", it's probably lost again.) ^_^;

I have a deviantART account - it's almost entirely fanart though. I need to do more original work. ^_^;

About my username: "Iscah" is the probable origin of the name Jessica, and might translate as "God is looking" or "God's grace". Previously my username was "RocketJess", from WAY back in the Pokémon/Team Rocket fandom - back when the Internet was a new and strange place! I don't like using it anymore, but I'm stuck with it in a few places like deviantART and GameFAQs where you can't rename accounts and I don't want to start over.